Prawn Cocktail!

When i used to live in Dar es Salaam i loved to order this fir a starter. Unfortunately in Australia I haven’t seen it anywhere. But after buying all ingredients for one cocktail ( prawns 40$ a kilo, avocado 4$ per piece) I understand why. Anyway, leaving finances aside, it’s a wonderful salad.


Fresh prawns-300-400g

Garlic-2 cloves chopped 

Chili-1 red chopped 

Avocado-1/4 sliced

Lettuce-1/2 cup thinly shredded 

For cocktail sauce 

Mayo-1 tablespoon

Ketchup-1 tablespoon

Squeeze of lemon 

Dash of Tabasco

Salt, pepper 

Olive oil for frying 


Peel and devein prawns, keep tails on.

Heat an oil in a frying pan add garlic and chili stir for 30 seconds add prawn and cook for about 4 minutes till turn white. Set aside reserve cooked garlic and chili.

Mix all sauce ingredients in a bawl.

In a glass of your choice, lay down lettuce followed by avocado, sauce and one prawn, repeat the layers.

Arrange prawns around the glass, sprinkle with reserved garlic and chili.


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