Herring Under the Coat. Full of fiber and goodness! AKA Vegetable fish cake!

This salad is very popular in my family. I cook a lot of traditional Russian dishes. My son, who lives overseas and came for a visit, specifically requested this salad. As all my boys love it, i get them to do all the hard work, peeling and chopping, Normally this salad is made for special occasions in Russia, i just make it when i feel like it. The quantities given are for a big salad, you can always adjust it to your liking. There are very few variations of this salad, maybe the order of ingredients can differ, but the list is the same.


Herring- 2 packets

Beetroots -4 medium

Carrots- 4 medium

Potatoes -3 medium

Onion- 1 medium

Eggs -6 pieces

Mayonnaise – 1 tub (best quality you can get)

Salt, very little amount or none, as herring  and mayo are both salty.


Line a cake tin…

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